Shifted Sidebearings when importing *.ufo from Robofont into Glyphs


I want to copy metrics from one *.ufo (not generated by Glyphs App) into one of the masters of my *.glyphs file. My idea is to use the “steal side bearing” script by @mekkablue. However, once I open the *.ufo file, the metrics are being shifted rightwards so that the side bearings I’m about to copy are wrong. The problem only occurs when opening Italic *.ufo files saved previously in Robofont.

Those are the different SB which Robofont and Glyphs provide me with when opening the same Italic *.ufo file.

Robofont: 41 n 156
When opened in Glyphs: 103 n 93

My Glyphs Settings:
– *.glyphs project: Automatic Alignment Turned ON
– Automatic Alignment Disabled for imported fonts

Italic angle is 14° for both files. To be more precise: in Robofont it is declared as “-14°”, in Glyphs as “14°”.

Many thanks for any help!


Check that you’ve set the italic angle in the .UFO file as the same as the italic .glyphs file

thank you – i checked and updated my post above. It’s both on 14°.

Glyphs and RF calculate the slanted sidebaring differently. Glyphs slants the bounding box around half of the xHeight and RF at the base line. The resulting fonts are the same, only the numbers are different. So you are find stealing the side bearings even if you see different number than in RF. You can set all italic angles to zero to get the same numeric values.

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thank you for the explanation @GeorgSeifert! fast as always.