Shortcut customisation crashes

I’ve been experiencing this crash that is caused by visiting the Preferences > Shortcuts. And since this will stay as the last opened tab in Preferences, it crashes every time I select Preferences. Could you have a look at what is causing the issue?

Can you rename the Scripts folder, restart and see if that fixes it. Then do the same with the plugin folder.

They’re both renamed now and the app still crashes.

Unit crashes when parsing the main menu. So I hoped that it would be in the script or plugin menus. Of cause, it works for me.

I have sent several crash reports by now. Was there any clue?

Unfortunately not.

Do you know what kind o criteria need to be met for the app to crash? Alternatively, where is the info on the last visited tab in Preferences so that I can at least visit the other ones?

I’ll send you a debug version.