Shortcut for Add Guide

When I try to set a keyboard shortcut for Add Guide the keyboard shortcut does nothing and the Add Guide item in the context menu becomes Add Global Guide. Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for Add Guide? I’m in v 1290.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Adding shortcuts only works for items in the pull-down menus (not the context menu). You could write a script, add it to the Scripts menu and then give the script a shortcut.

And you can Opt-drag an existing guide to duplicate it.

But why do you need to add so many guides that it warrants a keyboard shortcut? What are you using them for?

I’m using the guides to quickly check while drawing if diagonal segments are parallel. No big deal, if I need it I’ll script it :slight_smile:


Have you considered one of the Plugins, like Stem Thickness or one of those that give you the distance as soon as exactly two nodes are selected?

Yes, I’ve used that sometimes. I like the guides more :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!