Shortcut missing from the shortcut menu

there seems to be no option to set shortcuts form the shortcut-menu for some view settings:

view > show nodes > in background
view > show metrics

I could set these through system pref. but that defeats the purpose imho

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Thanks for reporting. I am filing an issue. Can you help me and list all the ones you are missing?

Thx. I only need the two options that I already listet. But I think this whole block, from “show nodes” to “show annotations” is missing

I fixed it.

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I just set up G3 (3100) from scratch on a new macbook pro (M1, Monterey 12.0.1). Now it seems, that quite a few menu items are missing in the shortcut menu. Mostly it’s the ones that have a pre set shortcut, but that doesn’t apply in any case…

missing these for example:

  • Remove Glyph
  • Duplicate Glyph
  • Preferences…
  • Hide Glyphs
  • Hide Others
  • Quit Glyphs
  • etc.

You mean you don’t see them in the Shortcuts Preferences?

yes exactly

I’ll have a look.

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I just really don’t get it. The shortcuts preferences feel like a lottery. Sometimes, commands show, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes shortcuts work, then they don’t again…

I have a similar issue right now.

RMX Monospacer and RMX Scaler share the same Shortcut, but both aren’t visible within the Shortcut Menu within the preferences.

Not sure if this a bug by Glyphs or if @TimAhrens can help.

Glyphs 3 (latest), latest RMX, M1, 12.3.1


Are the RMX Tuner and the RMX Harmonizer also missing?

I fixed a few things with the filter shortcuts. Do you have the latest cutting edge version (3129)?

yes, 3129

RMX Tuner and the RMX Harmonizer are also missing from the Shortcut menu, yes.

Does my answer on the other thread help?

Same problem here. All filter/script/actions assigned to a shortcut are missing.
They are not displayed in any tabs.

3.0.5 (3131)

Do the menu items reappear when removing the shortcut? I cannot reproduce this.

How can I remove a shortcut if the item is not displayed ?

What do you mean by that?

Here is a example, I set shortcut to some of my scripts.

But in Shortcuts > Customized, none are displayed.

Can you send me your preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs3.plist)?