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I did some more testing. The problem is not just with home/end to move through the font. Some combinations of paths and components just cause TT hinting mode to freeze. Combined with the autoalign bugs moving between 2.2 and 2.3 this is preventing me from working with a hinted font. Georg, this is the same font I just sent you about the autoalign problems. If I try to work with the hints in knNYA, Glyphs freezes.

Does it still crash in the latest version (879)?

It still crashes. Also, my post above should have been a new post in 875 crashes, no report available

It looks like the forum took this response to that thread and move it into a thread I started and abandoned.

Because the last files you send me export fine for me.

This isn’t a problem with exporting. You fixed that last week. The files I sent yesterday relate to the problems with auto-align not working consistently between 2.2 and 2.3.

This post(s) is about a problem with TT hinting mode causing Glyphs to freeze when I try to work with some glyphs that contains both paths and components. I can make a screencast if you want, but it doesn’t show the problem well because Glyphs just stops responding.

Try the following with the version 23 file I sent yesterday:

  • Open the file with 879
  • Open knNGA. Switch to TT hinting mode.
  • Open knNYA. For me this causes recent builds of 2.3 to freeze. It works in 2.2 (but then auto-align breaks all over the place, as in the version 24 file from yesterday).