Shortcut Show Metrics is changing without a reason

Hi @GeorgSeifert, hi @TimAhrens!
I experienced a strange bug the last days. When I use the shortcut for Show Metrics “Command Shit M” sometimes instead of switching the Metrics view on and off , Glyphs is starting RMX Monospacer.
After restarting Glyphs everything is fine.
RMX Monospacer actually does not have any shortcut (please see the screenshot).

I know that cant be the reason for the bug, but I have a new external keyboard and since then this bug appears :exploding_head:

Could you please advise how can I fix that?

The Monospace does have a shortcut. But it is not visible/active because there is another one that normally wins. So it seems that sometimes, the Monospaces sneaks in. You can assign a different shortcut to Monospacer to avoid that.

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Many thanks Georg!
One more question is there any possibility to see the hidden shortcuts?
Cheers from P-Berg!