Shortcuts for plugin menus


I am wondering is if it possible to a create shortcuts for menus within plugins?
Specifically asking about Hamonize and Balance in @SimonC SuperTool.


What shortcuts do you mean?


Keyboard shortcuts.
Right now it seems only possible to access the Hamonize and Balance options in SuperTool by selecting a node, two-finger clicking, and selecting an option.

Is it possible to, for example, assign:
⇧⌘H for Hamonize
⇧⌘B for Balance


But the Harmonizer has a shortcut by default?


I can’t seem to find a default keyboard shortcut. I’ve looked the through the Glyphs menu (File, Edit, Glyphs, Path, etc) but I don’t see the Harmonize/Balance options available. I can only access the options like this.


I never used the Supertool, only the RMX-tools. So I confused the commands. Simon needs to add the shortcut.


Ok. I will ask him directly.
If possible, I think it would be useful to add a feature which displays all options of any given plugin through the Glyphs menu (whenever the plugin is enabled) so that a user is able to assign keyboard shortcuts manually.