Shortcuts form GL2 to GL3

Is there a handy way to get shortcuts form Glyphs2 to Glyphs3?

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You mean manually set shortcuts (for G2 in System Preferences)?

no, get all the shortcuts I’ve set for G2 over to G3…

There’s about 50 shortcuts I’ve set in system preferences for G2, but they’re nowhere to be found in G3 :pensive:

They should still work the same. Just make sure you change the app scope from Glyphs to Glyphs 3 in system preferences.

Update: just saw you cannot do that in System Preferences. I guess it is best to simply invest a quarter hour and adjust the shortcuts Glyphs > Preferences > Shortcuts.

There might be a way to “export/import” them with a script.

I guess so :man_shrugging:

The command line should be able to help:
this prints all your existing shortcuts from Glyphs 2

defaults read com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs2 NSUserKeyEquivalents

And this for Glyphs 3

defaults read com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs3 NSUserKeyEquivalents

There should be a way to transfer the data (use the output from one command and put it into the other).


Thx @GeorgSeifert

But it would be more sustainable to set them up in Glyphs 3 (in the app), I suppose? I mean, when I switch to Glyphs 4 the shortcuts will still be available there, right? :wink:

Setting them in the app will put them into the same place. And Glyphs 3 didn’t inherit the preferences from Glyphs 2. It might be good to have an option for Glyphs 4. Just copying everything is not a good idea da there are settings that are not used any more and others might have changed its meaning.