Shortcuts in Glyphs version (2.5.2)

Shortcuts in latest Glyphs version (2.5.2) seem to have stopped working in the glyph editor window. For example, Zoom in (cmd +) is disabled and Ctrl click (‘right click menu’) is disabled. Have checked for further updates and restarted, but no joy. Any suggestions how this can be resolved?

It works for me. What version of macOS do you have?

Hey, thanks for replying - I’m on Mojave 10.14.1
I thought it might be a system thing, meaning some problem with my keyboard, but no other app’s shortcuts were affected. And everything had worked fine in Glyphs until the 2.5.2 update this morning.
As a short-term solution I have re-installed Glyphs and gone back to 2.5.1, disabled ‘show cutting edge versions’ and all the shortcuts work again. So, if there is no solution no worries!

I just tried and the latest version (1186) does work for me in Mojave.