Shortcuts: Make custom shortcut for Pen tool

Please consider being able to customize the Shortcuts to the tools as well as menus.

Would love to be able to change the shortcut for the Pen tool to G.

This is what I’m used to in After Effects, and it makes much more sense than the P key. The V and the G are so close to each other on the keyboard AND you can press both easily with your left hand while keeping your right hand on the mouse.


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Thanks! Figured out how to install scripts and am a happy camper with my G key now!

All I need now is to be able to add a new node when the Selection tool is active by pressing a modifier key or making the Pen tool be able to operate in “temporary” mode. This would really cut down on tool switching. Thanks.

What kind of editing do you do that you need new points all the time? can you make a quick screencast?

It was a technique that Rob showed us, where you take a sharp corner point and add two points to either side, then delete the original point. The you have more control over the roundness of the corner. Perhaps when I get into drawing my own outlines from scratch, I won’t be adding so many new points, but I still think it’s nice to be able to quickly add points. When I get home, I can make a Screenflow movie if that helps.

Consider selecting the point and running Filter > Round Corner. Next time, you can simply press Cmd-R to repeat the rounding filter.

Move the new (green) on-curve points with Ctrl-Opt to ‘nudge’ the points, i.e. scale the adjacent curve handles proportionally while moving the on-curve.

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Or use a corner component for the rounding. Then you can adjust all corners at once. And no points need to be harmed, eh inserted.

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Thanks for the replies. So much to learn! I’m busy learning about components, including using it for a single segment, to make editing easier.