How do I change the shortcuts for previous/next glyph? I want to make them CMD + Arrow. The FN key is not placed so well on the external keyboard.

On the full keyboard the “next glyphs” key is one of the six keys above the cursor keys. This is a bit less convenient than the Fn+arrow.

The cmd+arrow up/down seem to be free so I will test if that could work…

Is it possible to customize shortcuts?

System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts >

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But how does that work? I would love to make some custom shortcuts. I tried adding a custom shortcut via System Preferences but then the exact name has to be filled in. What is the menu name for next glyph? How is it supposed to look to work?

You can only add shortcuts to existing menu commands. The next/previous glyph command does not show up in the menu so you can’t change it.
I will see how I fix change that.