"Show all components used by selected glyphs"?

I love that I can right click on a selected corner, cap, or component glyphs and choose “Show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component.”

What I would love to also see is the reverse: that I could select text in the edit window, right click, and be able to choose “Show all components used by these glyphs.”

My use case here is that I’m using RMX Scaler to scale groups of glyphs at once (to make small caps, numerators, etc.) and I also need to scale the corner components and cap components at the same time.

There is a function that does this when you right click (with the edit tool) in a single glyph. So you need that to work from the text tool, too?

May be a job for a script.

Yes, for the use case I mentioned.