Show all incompatible glyphs on export

As mentioned previously, I’m working on a display typeface with lots of components & masks to achieve the design. When exporting a variable font, I have to work my way through all the errors that aren’t interpolation compatible after the masks are removed. On export, I get this error:

I understand that this is just the export not working out and so it stops. But is there any way how I could get a list of all problematic characters instead of having to do this glyph by glyph? Currently I mark that not-working glyph as non-exporting, write down the glyph name, export again, rinse and repeat, until I have a list of all problematic glyphs. I have to do this for 4 different stylistic sets of the entire character set across two masters. Then I solve the problems for each glyph by creating .accent glyphs and adjusting the glyph shape overall. I want to keep the masks for the long term.

If I could at least create a list of problematic glyphs in one go instead of doing it one by one, it would save me a lot of time. Thanks!

Good point. For the record, which build are you on? (Update: just saw in the other thread that you are on the latest build.)

I have improved this

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Thank you Georg! Can’t wait for the next cutting edge version then.

The new versions is up.