Show all Masters question/suggestion

I like using the ‘Show all Masters’ feature when I have multiple masters I have to compare a lot. Also love the ‘Show Masters of Next/Previous Glyph’ scripts by mekkablue. But I’m wondering if it would be possible to not include one of the masters twice? Like, if I’m working in a typeface with 5 masters, ‘Show all masters’ actually shows 6 masters, with one of the masters(currently working on) twice. It’s not a huge deal, it can just become a bit confusing with many masters while cycling through.

Hmmm, that is a bit of a semantic issue too.

What you are actually right-clicking is a layer which is associated to a master. Could be the master layer or a special layer (color, intermediate, alternate), but could also be a backup layer. And deleting the layer the user actually entered can be confusing.

We’ll think about though. Just to explain it is not as straight forward.

Some people like the mekkablue script Lines by Master for that exact purpose.

Oh, I didn’t know about this one! This is great. Just for a slightly different purpose though.

But I understand the problem with the ‘Show all Masters’ script. Thank you for clarifying.

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