Show Distance and Angle Plugin Not Showing up in Glyphs 3

Trying to install all my favorite plugins into Glyphs 3 and I can’t get this one to work. Any thoughts?

Not sure why it ain’t. Have it running in Glyphs 3.0.3 (3059)

Does the Macro Panel present any complains to you?
Do you have all Modules installed (especially Vanilla)?

I have Vanilla installed on my computer for sure. Do I need to install it specifically into Glyphs 3 as well? Right now I’m only on the trial version as I work through all the kinks and can still do things on Glyphs 2 when something doesn’t work properly.

I will check the Macro Panel.

I believe so, yes. You can find it in the Plugin Manager now, head over to the tab “Modules” and there you can install it.

Other than that I can only help with more info from the Macro Panel, if there’s any.

Also: you can have multiple version of Glyphs simultaneously. You can keep Glyphs 2 alive besides Glyphs 3.

Ah, I installed Vanilla and I installed your plugin via the scripts panel. I had tried to install it before via GitHub. Thanks for the help, love the plugin I use it ALL the time!

You mean the Plugin Manager? Just curious, because if not, there’s another way that I am not aware of?

Yes best practice is to install via the Plugin Manager and not manually or via GitHub nowadays. That way updating should be the most painless for everyone :slightly_smiling_face: Glad you like it!

Yes sorry via the Plugin Manager!


I also thought the missing-Vanilla-Warning should have arrived in G3 by now. Maybe it’s still on its way.

It should warn about missing vanilla. But ‘Show Distance …’ doesn’t use vanilla.

Oh, true. I forgot about that, thought it does, because it has a contextual menu, but it doesn’t use vanilla there.

Then: I have literally no clue why it did not work before and now does. I didn’t change anything since this post was opened.