Show hint start and end

Hi all,

In transferring VFB masters to Glyphs (export as .glyphs from FL7), the PS hints (Links in FL) become dislocated in Glyphs. The hints are exported but their start and end positions just float at the edge of the bounding box; not attached to any specific node on the glyph outline.

Is there a way for Glyphs to retain the start and end positions in relation to the glyph nodes that the hints (Links in FL) originally have?

Is there a way to select all hints in Glyphs so I can see the start and end points in order to see which ones need to be attached to the glyph, or if any have been missed when manually going through and attaching.

This is in Glyphs 2 currently

Glyphs can retain the connection but that needs to be set up in the .glyphs file. So the export form FLS needs to be adjusted.

Thanks Georg,
What do I need to do?
Is it because they are Links?
Would I need to convert to Hints?

You need to ask Juri to fix it…


Is there an easy way to view this?
At the moment each hint has to be clicked on individually to view the info.

You can hit Cmd+A a few times.

First Cmd-A selects outline nodes
Second Cmd-A selects Anchors
Additional Cmd-A = nothing else

Right. I was looking at an unusual glyph. I’ll have a look.