"Show Mark Preview" Plugin works opposite way?


When View> Show Mark Preview is selected, No marks preview cloud appears when anchors is clicked, But when View> Show Mark Preview is deselected, the marks cloud appears.
deleted the plugin and I found that glyphsapp has the functionality. why the need for the plugin?
Is there an extra functionality with the plugin?
Why Plugin doesn’t work When selected?

Show Mark Preview previews mark-to-base and mark-to-mark attachment for the marks and base glyphs entered by the user. It shows all marks entered on one line with the letters entered on the same line. It suppresses the mark cloud because it would be in the way.

The mark cloud displays a superimposed selection of marks, which is defined in the glyph database.

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thank @mekkablue.
the plugin worked fine after i reinstalled it.
before, it was not. and that’s why I wondered about its wrong behaviour.