Show node coordinates while editing

Hello, is there a script or something to show node coordinates while editing a glyph? Basically what the Ruler tool does, but it would update the coordinates live while nudging nodes. I believe I’ve seen something like that, but for the life of me I can’t find it anymore :frowning:

Try this plugin: It does what you need.

Ah this is the script that I meant! Thanks! But it doesn’t show the distance between nodes, is there something similar out there? or

Hm, but none of them seem to do what I want at the same time: show the information the ruler tool shows, while using other tools :smiley:

Are you searching for the guidelines with measures. Add a guideline, select it and hit the little ruler icon in the bottom grey info box. This will show the measurements while you use other tools. Is that it? Otherwise your initial request sounds to me exactly like what Show All Coordinates serves.

I forgot to mention that I’d like to see the distance between nodes as well, and without selecting them first; simply put everything you see when activating the ruler tool. Except when you use the ruler tool, you can’t move nodes. Being able to nudge nodes and see the coordinates and distance (and angle?) update on the fly would be killer :smile:

The guidelines measuring stuff are really cool, but they only show distances, have to be set up first, and I lose the information if I happen to move the segment away from the guideline. The ruler tool info is unobtrusive.

You can hold down Ctrl, Cmd and Opt simultaneously to temporarily switch to the measurement mode.

This is something almost not feasible. How is each node gonna know tho which other node it shall calculate and display its distance to? The order of nodes in one path is probably not often the appropriate direction. You will end up at a starting point where each node wants to display the distance to each other node. How do you want to filter that? That is why mekkablue’s and my plugin always ask for a selection (of exactly 2 nodes) first.

He means he wants to have exactly what the measurement tool shows.

I might split the measurement tool into a tool and an reporter.

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I know, it’s kind of an awkward shortcut though, so I just hit L and then V again. Which means I’m back to the “are we there yet?” guesswork when I don’t see the coordinates.

I meant only connected nodes of course, sorry for the confusion :slight_smile: Georg got it right.

That would be amazeballs :heart_eyes:

I’d love to be able to toggle what is shown in Measurement mode, sometimes showing both distance and coordinates becomes a visual mess. Any progress on the reporter idea?

There are reporters readily available in the plugin manager. To my knowledge, they are all open source, so you can customize them if they don’t quite show what you want to see.

When the Plugin Manager is opened they get updated so if custom changes are made to a plugin the custom version will get overwritten.

You can copy the plugin out of the repository folder and add a new link to the plugin folder.

@DaveBailey I recently added a Context Menu option anyway (relative/smallest angle), I could add another option there. I am just not too sure, if I want to clutter the Context Menu, though. What do you think would you want to hide? The angle, or the distance? Or any?

if you need more than one or two option in the context menu, you could move them in a submenu.

Not sure how I missed this reply @Mark. I was referring to the node coordinates and rise/run info seen when in Measurement mode, not the measurement tool info as you click and drag.

Hey all. New the Glyphs — transferring from RoboFont after 10 years on that format … and am trying to set up a similar visual experience.
I’ve installed three plug-ins: “Show Coordinates”, “Show Coordinates of Selected Nodes”, and “Show Stem Thickness” … none seem to appear in my View > menu after restarting. I am updated to version 3.0.3 (3059).
Upon the last restart of the Glyphs app, I also got a Python error prompt, saying “The Python installation misses the required ‘PyObjcC’ module” … and lists how to force install that via “Terminal or the Python module from Plugin Manager”. Anyone still using these plugins?

A plugin caused a crash

The Plugin ShowAllCoordinates.glyphsReporter has caused a crash. Please update it by opening the Plugin Manager or re-downloading it from the original source.


Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 14, in <module>

objc.BadPrototypeError: Objective-C expects 1 arguments, Python argument has from 3 to 6 arguments for <unbound selector drawTextAtPoint of ShowAllCoordinates at 0x7fe5c0e16ab0>

App:3.0.3-3059 Plugin:0.2.2-4

This is also now appearing when I start Glyphs, even after I remove the Plugin …