Show .notdef in webfont when character is missing


I did a website to let people test my font ( Whenever I type a character which is not included in the font, the browser automatically changes to the fallback font i defined (at the moment this is adobe blank). But I really would like that the user recognizes, that this character is still missing.

So, how do I have to export or what do I have to add, that the .notdef glyph is showing up instead of the fallbackfont glyphs?

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The web browser determines the fallback. So, even though you may have a .notdef glyph in your font, the browser may still fall back to another font when a glyph is missing.

Consider using Adobe Notdef as the next in line fallback font, instead. I used to have my own version, then Ken released one that’s easy to send to folk.

ah okay. and it’s not possible to stop the browser from doing so, right?
I already saw the adboe Notdef, but it’s not what I am looking for exactly. But thanks for the tip!