Side bearings for outline+component glyphs

I’m trying to adjust side bearings for the whole font. Metrics -> Transformations works, but when there are glyphs with both outlines and components, they go out of whack. For example, /Hbar (integer SB values) and /Lslash (integer LSB, RSB inherited from base glyph).

How to do the transformation, keeping the outlines and components in sync?

Of course the component shifts if the original glyph shifts. So, if you want to avoid shifting of one part to another, try to avoid mixing outlines and components.

E.g. Hbar: Select the bar, right click and choose component from selection from the context menu, call it, and add a _center anchor in it.

Well I’m at a point where I’m wondering which would be less work, converting all components or trying to write a script to find glyphs with mixed components+outlines and moving just outlines back into place. Would that make any sense?

What version of Glyphs do you have?

I use 1.4.5 (614) and 1.4.4 (588) in different Macs.

I recently did a cleanup like i described above in a 5-master font, and it worked pretty well, and I was finished in 15 minutes. And you are set for future changes of your font.

That works if you know exactly how far you have to move it, but it could be a different distance for different glyphs.

In Glyphs 2 the Transform Filter does correct the moving components.

Well, but of course! Works perfectly, thanks.