Sidebar suggestion for Chinese

Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja has basically four compositions: singular, left and right, up and down and wrap. Singular is what should be designed first, and then they could be composed in different ways.

So I added four subcategories on sidebar. I hope Glyphs will have these in next update.

“Singular” = “独体字”;
“LeftAndRight” = “左右结构”;
“UpAndRight” = “上下结构”;
“Wrap” = “包围结构”;

BTW, shall I submit it to Georg or Rainer?

Interesting! Best would be a repository on Github.

OK, I will submit there. BTW, I have read your Custom Sidebar Tutorial . I wanted to add four categories along with existing ones, didn’t work. So I edited defaultLanguages.plist.