Sidebearing formula misbehaving in recent Glyphs

I have a Glyphs file I was working on in Glyphs 1257, where I set up the RSB of the H as ==|-2. In Glyphs 1257, this gets correctly calculated as 14.

When I open the file in the current version (1274), the formula turns red and after clicking on the circle arrow, it becomes 16. Looks like that’s a bug that was introduced recently?

@GeorgSeifert Any chance this could be fixed? Just noticed that this wrong behaviour is still there in the latest cutting-edge version.

Sorry that it took so long. I fixed it.

Thanks, and don’t worry. There’s enough software out there where a 2-week bug fix would be considered very fast.

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Here’s another strange behaviour I noticed with italics:

If I use something like =|@330 (e.g. the RSB of the I) in my italic then the result is very different from what one would expect. I assume there’s a slip in the maths where the “slanted sidebearing” calculation and the height-specific measurements are combined?

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