Sidebearing in V. 861

Sidebearing can be controlled in the Glyphs info box (on the left); it is not responding in the gray Glyph’s window.

And kerning window is empty when opened. Switching masters is a trick how to display kerning pairs. V 861.

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Another info box issue is that, when I change from Text tool to Selection tool, the info is not shown.

Edit: Sorry, it was reported already.

Okay, there’s a new one. In the sidebearings text field of font view, the arrow keys no longer change the value it seems.

Mine appeared like this. Completely blank. Trying to edit any element generated the “The operation could not be completed” error.

After a total WTF scare, I reverted to a previous version and thankfully my master files are fine.

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Same problems here. A (button) option where you can revert to the previous version of the app would come in handy.

Why a button to revert? Simply move the old version from the Trash after an update and store it somewhere. That’s very easy and requires no programming.

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Awesome. Thanks for the tip. Never thought about it.

I just uploaded an update that fixes the info box.

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