Sidebearing values incrementing weirdly with up/down arrow key press

I often use the arrow keys to increment kerning values, and for some reason in G3, if I do this it will multiply the values in strange ways. Also, the down arrow key won’t decrement, it will only increment. This only seems to happen in the left kerning value too.

Also the Crtl-left arrow key command doesn’t seem to increment the kerning in Type mode. Cmd-right does however.

There seems to be a problem with entering in values manually, in my case it’s adding 40 to everything I type in:

I think it is “adding 40” because your initial value was 40.
In other words, a more correct way to look at it is that it is adding whatever you type to the initial value.

I too am having issues with this. Not sure if it is a bug or a feature; if the latter I would like to know how it works, because right now it appears random. Sometimes it adds my input value, sometimes it changes to it.

I have a glyph now where I cannot use the up and down arrow keys at all, both of them decrease the value. Same with an input; if I write 15 in the field it simply subtracts 15 from the current value.
Edit: This happens when the glyph is locked. “Locked” should mean I cannot change the values at all. Right?

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I cannot reproduce it with a locked glyph. What exactly are the steps you do? Composite glyph? Can you perhaps make a screencast?

Hi @mekkablue, I have narrowed down the issue to this: setting kerning values on shapes that are using the new Stroke feature in G3. I’ve attached a video recording and have also attached my test file.

Strange stuff I observed in the video:
1:56 - pressing the Up key - the value increments by 1 but the sidebar jumps to something like 10
2:09 - the value jumps from 8 to 32 with no change
Then the value increments jump around more and more

test-file.glyphs (6.2 KB)