Sidebearings of flipped components

I have a nine (9) glyph that is simply flipped a six component. But sidebearings don’t work as they were flipped. Left SB of six is a left SB of a nine. Should be right.

I had to Disable Automatic Alignment and put “=|six” to nine’s sidebearings. Is this a bug? oversight? Previously this wasn’t working like that…

Figure alignment is off by default. Personally, I tend to think this is the most logical and transparent solution.
It should be but when I change a sidebearing of six, the nine's also changes. So it is somewhat misleading. Now two steps are required to achieve inheritance: 1. disabling alignmnet 2. putting =| formula.

Components are positioned according to there origin point. If you change the left side bearing of the base glyph, the outlines change the relative position to the origin point. This affects the side bearings of the component glyphs. Thats why I implemented the automatic alignment.