Sidebearings way off on some component Glyphs

Hello, I’m having trouble with some composite glyphs using diacritic marks. I’m working on a very narrow font, the A has left and right sidebearings of auto (15). The tilde has left and right sidebearings of 5. The Atilde composite character has a left sidebearing of auto (5), and a right sidebearing of auto (455). When I try to edit, I get the message that I need to disable automatic alignment to edit the RSB. I’m hesitant to turn off automatic alignment, because most other composite characters work as I expect. Example: A L&R auto (15) + acute L&R 15 = Aacute auto L&R 15.

I appreciate any advice here. Thanks.

Can you open the Atilde, and run this in the Macro window and post the result:

print Layer.components

Sure - I got:

(<GSComponent “A” x=0.0 y=0.0>,
<GSComponent “tilde” x=0.0 y=0.0>)

And the A and the tilde have anchors and it is not possible to move the tilde?

Could you send me the file and I can have a look (send an email to support at this domain or a dropbox (or similar) link in a direct message here.

The problem was a missing anchor in the “tilde”. The width is not calculated correctly because you use the spacing “tilde” instead of the combining “tildecomb” (that is is still saying “auto (XX)” is a bug i need to fix).

So for you: add a “_top” anchor to the “tilde” and it will property work.

Move all the actual drawing from the lowercase to the uppercase and remove the lowercase glyphs:

Thank you for the help! I’m embarrassed that I missed this simple problem.

Regarding the all-caps, that’s a great feature. However, I have different letterforms in the lowercase spots for several letters. Would it work to only assign the double duty to some uppercase letters, leaving the different letterforms in some lowercase?

You can have some real lowercase.