Since 2.6 I have to save files twice

Since the first 2.6-update I have a strange saving-behaviour (now 1203 & macOS 10.11.6.). Version-saving is not activated.

Almost every time I do any change to a glyphs-file I must press cmd-s twice to save the document. After pressing cmd-s once, glyphs asks me if I want to save the change when I try to close the window.

In other words: I edit a file, press cmd-s and THEN the little black spot appears in the red closing-buttom. When I press cmd-s again, it disappears again and I can close the window.

Can you send me the file?

this happens in every file I’m working on

But something in your files seems to be different.

What do you mean with »different«? This strange behaviour appears even if I do not change anything.
Just tested it: opend a file, did nothing in the file, pressed cmd-s and cmd-w and glyphs asked me if I want to save the change (that did not happen)

I can confirm this too. But I think it is a cosmetic issue. First Cmd-S does not update the red top left button. The second one does.

I think the save is causing another change. I’ll have a look.

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I’m experiencing the same behaviour: when closing a file Glyphs ask me to save, after I just saved. I have the latest update.

I suspect a component positioning or sidebearing update happens while you save, flagging the unsaved mark?

That’s what I think. If I’ve changed a glyph used as a component (say changing the sidebearing of o), the composite characters ö, ó, etc. are marked as altered when I save, and I have to save again. I don’t consider it an inconvenience, but since it’s being discussed …

But the components should be set on some point so it should only happen once. It seems that have something to do with placed images.

The double-save thing is where I began experiencing all my crashes. I would save a change, then go to quit Glyphs and the “Do you want to save” would pop up. I even tried waiting a minute or two before quitting to see if that would stop it, but it did not. I can also say that with the latest build, 1204, the crashes have become rare.