Single-case (uppercases) typeface

Hi there, first time on this forum as I am seeking help for something quite specific but can’t find anything convincing online.

I am currently working on a typeface (latin alphabet) consisting only of uppercases/capitals. I was wondering how I should design it, if there is a special parameter for those kind of typefaces? The main issue being that so far, when someone uses the typeface, this person has to stay caps locked to type words. Should I just use the lowercase alphabet and not touch the uppercases to make it easier for the user?
In the meantime, I found an old font on my computer that also only uses uppercases and it was properly working no matter the case — the glyph set being the 26 usual letters; no duplicate. How is that possible?

My problem might sounds dumb but I’d love any help on this.

Thanks a lot!

There’s a tutorial about this. Look for “all caps” in the Learn section.

Waow, can’t believe I missed it. Thank you!

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