SINGLE GLYPH, getting this error message

There are several glyphs with a lot of nodes. Adding subroutines can take a long time, then.

just a little cartoon character, 3131 points?

I’m saving as OTF but TTF gets the same error

I already cleaned up extrema and tidy’d up paths

I made a square in its place, and output the font with no problem. So the complexity is the issue.

If I want to make a 10-glyph font with little drawings, is Glyphs not my best bet?

edit: got it down to 1750 points and still get the error message. :frowning:

Font technology is not optimized for this kind of drawing. But there are ways.

The number one problem is that you have many small curves. There are plug-ins for reducing small curves to straight lines, and a plug-in for deleting short segments. Try those first, then add a custom parameter called Disable Subroutines.

Read more about it in this tutorial:

Thank you mekkablue, i will try that

that worked, thanks again!


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