Single glyph kerning group – Bug?

OK, I have a silly problem in Glyphs3. In an old file I’ve got a single-glyph kerning group named @h (don’t ask why, it was a mistake). The single glyph in that group is hcircumflex (composite). When I open the Kerning window it finds the group and shows the pairs in the list as usual. But when I click on individual pairs in the list it doesn’t want to show them in the edit view like it does for any other pair. What’s wrong with it?

I would need to have a look at the details. But you should just fix that class. Rename it in the kerning panel. It should ask to name it in the glyphs, too.

Thanks Georg. Renaming the group did fix the preview problem in edit window. Now I want to switch the hcircumflex to be in @n kerning group on the right side. What is the best way to do that, just select hcircumflex in main font view and change the right group in the bottom left corner?

I believe the original problem was due to the fact that some glyphs had group kerning with @h and also different value kerning exception with hcircumflex. Since it was the only glyph in the group, preview did’t know what to show? It looked like this in the kerning window:

tcaron 115 @h 
tcaron 150 hcircumflex

Yes. Or do it in the info box of the edit view.

Can you send me the file with the wrong kerning class?

Sorry, I can’t. But I did manage to reproduce the problem again, it’s easy. Again, I had a kerning group containing only one glyph (hcircumflex) same group both left and right with kern pairs set. Then I decided to switch the right side group to @n (also existing group with kern pairs). When I did it, in the Kerning list I had both new @n kern pairs as well as the old @hcircumflex kern pairs. When you click the old pairs nothing happens in the edit view. Then I just used the clean up option and the old pairs were gone.

@GeorgSeifert It might be a good idea to make it so that Glyphs automatically blocks or at least flags (e.g. red color) single-glyph kerning groups upon creation?

Thanks for reporting this. I fixed it.

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I’m glad to be of help for once! :grin: