Slant components

I’m working on a italic typeface. I’m trying to find the best way to deal with some problems I had on past projects, in this case, to adjust the ‘strokeshortcomb’ to the size I want on the tbar.

I’m building tbar with anchors and components. But as I’m changing the % of the height of the component (because I want it thiner), I have to slant it a bit to fit the 12° of italic I have. What happens is, Glyphs is ok with the change of the height but when I slant it, the component looses the link with the anchor.

When I slant it, it creates something like this:

I would like to know how do you deal with it, and if it was supposed to loose the link with the anchor or not.
I know I can just decompose it and it’s done, but maybe there is a best solution for it.

You could build a smart component that can be properly resized without the slanting problems.

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