Slight regular/Bold discrepancy in use

I’ve contructed a dot font with a bold and regular weight.

The problem is, when in use, if I typeset something in bold and then switch to regular - everything moves up slightly to make up for the slightly smaller regular weight. (and the reverse if I start in regular then switch to bold)

I can make this not happen within the program by simply making a blank first line before typing. But for ease of use for users… Is there some way I can make this not happen on the first line?
It’s crucial for the purpose of this font.

Hope you understand the issue from my explanation.

Thank you.

Try using the same ascender/descender values for both bold and regular weight.

Tried that, no luck.

How did you test it? By installing it in the system? Or with the Adobe fonts folder.

Installing it through font book. I can’t find the font folder as I’m on a mac.

Here’s a pic below to demonstrate. I’ve just made the regular weight yellow and copied it on top of the bold so you can easily see the difference.
On the left is with out a line above, on the right - with a line above.

If you use Font Book, you have all sorts of problems like metrics not updating. Please have a look
in the Blog.

That seems to have worked. Should I put a small note when distributing the font to upload the font this way? Or just let people figure it out.

Not necessary, because people can install it in FontBook. Just re-installing several times (as you did when you were testing it) is problematic.