Small Cap Ligature Naming

I am trying to set up a small cap ligature. I thought I would name it t.smcp_h.smcp. But Glyphs converts it to this instead: t_h.smcp_smcp. Is that going to work? If not, how should I name something like this?

I just tried it with and the automatic dlig feature picks it up fine. Maybe you can’t use smcp.

I would use t_h.sc_sc and t_h.smcp_smcp should work. Depends on what suffix you use for the rest of the small cap glyphs. I prefer sc because it is shorter.

Ah… I am used to working in fontlab and naming small caps smcp. I’ll convert it all to sc and see what happens.

Use “Edit > Search > Search and Replace …” to convert the names. But I are fine with the longer names if you are used to them.

I tried to make a small cap i_t ligature. The name i_t.sc_sc automatically turned into i_t.sc_._sc. I’ll see if it still works…

Nope… the small cap i_t lig does not work. And Glyphs will not let me change the name.

I’ll have a look.

I fixed the small cap ligature names.
What you can do until the update is out is to temporarily enable “Use Custom names” in Font Info > Others. Then it will let you use any names. And it will not touch the names even if you disable the checkbox later.

That works!