Small caps alignment zones

Hi, I’m having issues with making certain glyphs in my small caps take the proper alignment zone. They seem to be snapping to the lowercase zones instead. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks for the help!

Any other tips on hinting would be greatly appreciated!

Set a masters Custom Parameter smallCapHeight to the height you want. In small cap glyphs, it’ll be shown instead of the x-height. See section 7.2.2 Metrics in the Glyphs 2.3 Handbook:

Also, take a look at the Making Small Caps tutorial.

Thanks for the reply,
I already have small caps heights in my font info screen this is the current settings in my alignment zones but for some reason at certain em heights they snap to lowercase heights instead of the small cap.

I’ve also tried the autohinting feature although I’m pretty sure that gets overridden somewhere along the line when i export.

My apologies; it seems I must’ve only skimmed your note. I’m about to go offline for a while.

Here are some things to check/try:

  • Export & test with no hinting (no autohint, no manual hints).
  • Export & test with autohinting.
  • Make sure you have extremum nodes, e.g., at the highest point of a curve.
  • Try adding a manual hint for the glyphs displaying “incorrectly.”

I assume the issues are at small pixel sizes.

See if there are any details that might be useful in the Hinting: PostScript Autohinting tutorial or the other tutorials tagged with the hinting keyword.

And check your path directions.