Small caps diacritics

Is there any way to force small caps to use .case diacritics?
I tried to do it on the data.xml file, but I can’t find where should I change that.

Small caps use .sc diacritic or the default shapes. Why do you need the .case variants? They are usually draw smaller then needed for small caps.

hummm, ok! I don’t have .sc diacritics for now. I just feel that my .case diacritics fit better than the default shapes.

Duplicate them, and rename their suffixes (Cmd shift F) to .sc. then recreate the compounds (Cmd Opt shift C). Consider disabling their export.

I did that @mekkablue. Thanks for the tip anyway.
I already read stuff about this topic, but I’m not totally clear about it yet. Do you feel it makes sense to use .case diacritics on small capitals?

It will not fit most designs, but if it fits yours, why not.