Small caps don't work

I’m about to finish a pair of fonts in Glyphs that I started in FontForge a year ago. They feature a full set of small caps, and I’ve generated the automatic feature tables to go with them.

However, when I export to OTF and use the font in PowerPoint, a faux set of SCs scaled down from the capitals is used instead of the dedicated SC glyphs. This didn’t use to happen with the FontForge font.

Am I forgetting something, or does Glyphs somehow not encode the SCs correctly when exporting to OTF?

SCs are not supposed to be encoded. Did you make sure it is not a cache problem? I.e. install it with a different family name. Are the SCs okay outside PowerPoint?

Also, I believe only the latest versions of Office actually support OT features. In which one are you testing your font?

And under certain circumstances, the font needs a DSIG table for OT features to work. Injecting an empty one will usually do:

Sorry, I didn’t mean “encode” in the Unicode sense. I meant “making them available for applications to use”.

I still use the 2008 version of MS Office. However, the small caps in my font worked back when I was producing it in FontForge. It’s only now in Glyphs that PowerPoint prefers its own faux scs.

I could try adding the DSIG to my finished OTF product in FontForge, I guess?

Could you send us the font from FontForge?