Small Caps feature incomplete

Glyphs 3
3.0.2 (3052)

.case feature forgets some glyphs (generate automatically is enabled). For example, it contains exclamdown and questiondown, but not exclam and question.

Works in Glyphs2 when re-update the features.

EDIT: I said Case sensitive? I am talking non sense, I meant smcp. So c2sc has the exclam and exclamdown, and curiously, smcp doesn’t (as for question and question down, which are not there.)

They of course, all exist in the glyphset with the suffix .sc

Can you send me your file?

It’s a client’s. I’ll ask him and get back to you.

You can run the “Disguiser” plugin. But I actually only need the glyphs names. So you can select all in Font view and from the context menu, pick “Copy Glyph Names > One Per Line”.

Sent to the support email

Thanks for the file. The “exclam” was classified as “Uppercase” in GlyphData (properly to improve automatic alignment of components (when using a rotated component of question for questiondown). I’ll have a look.