Small Numbers, Exponents?

Hello there, I’m trying to submit a font for sale and am missing some characters. I’m not sure where to find these in the Glyphs Mini App, in order to design those.

Can anyone help, please?


Thank you!

For 1, 2 and 3, add these glyphs:

If you need the 4-9, add these too:
uni2074 through uni2079

Use zerosuperiorninesuperior as glyph names.

Thank you so much George.

Thanks! Does this do the same as the previous answer, or does this create 2 different types of glyph for two different purposes?

They are the same glyph. If you add them using the uni numbers, just rename them.

Incidentally, Georg’s reply made me aware I omitted the zero glyph unicode; that would be uni2070.

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Thanks for the explanation George. I really appreciate it.

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