Smaller bugs

As an example Ę (E with ogonek) and Ȩ (E with cedilla) have different anchor positions. The ogonek is typically at the right end of the bottom stroke, the cedilla is centered.

Large versions:Ę andȨ

Another feature request: Having a keyboard shortcut to switch masters would be handy.

PS.: You should specify a fallback font in you CSS, eg:
font-family: “GraublauSansBook”, sans-serif !important;

Cmd + 1, Cmd+2 should work to change masters, no?

Also, There’s something that happens from time to time in Glyphs, like now, I used the cmd+alt+f to set a test line and the mouse click stopped working for good. It may happen elsewhere as well.

and by elsewhere I mean inside glyphsapp

Thanks for the cmd +1 tip, that works! I sometimes run into anomalies as well (undo stops working, glyph categories mixed up) when Glyphs was running long, but restarting the program always fixes it.

That’s true, restarting does fix it… but definitely something to look at

Hey Georg, something is wrong with the handling of multiple master on a single axis (for example light-reg-bold). It seem that only the first two masters are taken in consideration. Have a look at the linked file: The masters have the same weight value as the instances, so you would expect the generated fonts to be exactly equal to the respective master. Unfortunately they are far from that.

Also, Glyphs produces corrupt files if you delete the first! master from a multiple master font. If you move the first to the bottom in font info, save, reopen, remove, then it works.

I found out about the remove master problem, yesterday. Will fix that.

When the Transformations menu is used in the background layer it deletes the existing background, copies the foreground, and transforms that. Canceling the Transformation menu does not restore the original background. This also happens with copied layers

Also, guides cannot be moved with the mouse in the background layer.

Edit: I have done some more testing and the transform problem is not just a background layer problem. One transform is used in a layer, that layer gets copied into any other layer or master when the transform panel is activated. This happens in 1.2.2 and 1.3.4