Smart component layers not `re-interpolate`ing correctly


The component is an uppercase stem for Latin, with a smart layer Long Serif for longer serifs on one side. The main layers have symmetrical serifs.

Long Serif is setup as a Smart Component Property from 0–100. The master layers have a value of 0 and the Long Serif layers have a value of 100.

When I choose Regular Long Serif layer and try to Re-interpolate Glyphs gives me a stem with symmetrical serifs (the interpolation of the master layers, not the sub-layers).

This Re-interpolation bug happens only once I setup Smart Components in this scenario. If the above image layers are merely masters and copied layers then I am able to get the correct results from Re-interpolating Regular Long Serif layer.

This is a new file to make sure it’s not a legacy bug not ironed out in an update, I’m on 2.6.5 (1339). I get the same results on the stable build. Am I doing something incorrectly?

Here’s the test file:

Is there anything I can do to help squash this bug, if so I’d be glad to help. I’m trying to decide if decomposing all smart components will be necessary to complete current projects. Thank you!

Yes, reinterpolation does not work so well with smart components. :frowning_face: It is on our list.


@GeorgSeifert Any plan to improve this? It works in some glyphs and in some glyphs does not… random. hard to find a pattern… It was working well in the past Glyphs2.6.1(1208).app but with new OS I can not use that Glyphs anymore.

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+1 here. This really needs to be adressed.