Smart Component Serifs

I’m designing a font with varying bracketed serifs, and these 2 tutorials helped me a lot:

  1. Is there a way to create serifs as smart components, so, for example, the bracketing and length of the serifs can be adjusted with the smart component sliders?

  2. Can a corner component be »smart«?

Thank you.

Not yet. It’s on my list. But in your case it makes sense to have two different corners.

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Thank you!
The smart corners would be great.

If there is any chance of bumping this up a tiny notch, smart corner components would indeed be incredibly useful.

Interestingly, renaming an existing corner component to turns it into a smart component with settings and all, the corners also stay in place, but they aren’t listed as corners anymore (and their settings aren’t available when pasted).

It is possible to add simplified smart behavior with two axis it is supposed to be width and height (but could be used for whatever you like). The default master is at 100/100. You can add brace layers and give it some values (e.g. 50/100 if it is a smaller variant. The brace layer should show a Width/Height popup).
Then use the corner as usually and use the scaling to control the axis. Unfortunately there is a typo that messes up the axes. So the Vertical scale is used to control the Width axis and the Height axis can’t be used right now. I fixed that.

I’ve been waiting for smart corner components for a long time, just ran across this solution, which does seem to work indeed. I’m just a little concerned about “future reverse compatibility”… If I tweak vertical scaling on most my serifs to adjust its width then if glyphs behaviour changes, will everything be messed up when I open the file?