Smart Component Settings Window bug variable entry highlights but doesn't paste on first try

For Glyphs 3.1.1 newest version, after opening a separate smart component window, when either the first component setting number is automatically highlighted for editing or an alternate setting number is selected by double clicking on it, the paste function doesn’t work on the first try, so for some reason paste is not activated, but on second try it is activated and works fine. It’s a minor bug but annoying that it doesn’t work anymore like it used to and should. Alternately, I could use the smart component settings window shown in the bottom right of the attached right tool bars, but I typically have 14 smart component settings, which don’t fit in the available space and it’s time consuming to scroll down and I don’t see any way to adjust the size of the smart component settings attached at the bottom right hand corner like is possible to adjust the size of other attached windows to have more or less space. It would be useful to be able to adjust the size of the attached smart component settings window for smart components with more settings. Small bug, thanks if you can get to it.

Also, if I happen to have a copied a component into the clipboard instead of a number, when I first highlight a number in the smart component window and choose paste, instead of giving me an error sound for trying to paste a non-compatible item in the clipboard (component instead of number), it pastes the component into the current glyph, so it appears that even though I have highlighted a number for pasting into the smart component window, that control is still with main glyph window instead of the smart component window where I had highlighted a number for pasting over. Thanks.

I can’t reproduce the focus issues you describe. What input devices (mouse, wacom?) do you use?

I’ll see if I can add an option to increase the hight of the smart settings in the sidebar.

I added a manual overwrite for the max height. You can check it in the macro panel like this;

Glyphs.defaults["SmartComponentSettingsPanelHeight"] = 300

200 is the default. Change the “300” to your linking. You need to re-select a component the get the new height.

I can’t reproduce the focus issues you describe. What input devices (mouse, wacom?) do you use?

Suumary: “Right click:Show smart component settings” has selection and paste bug, but the new “Smart” button in the bottom center information panel works fine, so there may be something in the implementation of the new “Smart” button that interferes with variable window selection and paste when going to Smart window settings using “right click”.

I am using MacOS Monterey 12.6.1, I select a component with mouse pointer, I right click and select “Show smart component settings”, with the first variable number already automatically selected by the program I use either Command:V or Edit:Paste and nothing happens except when I do either Command:V or Edit:Paste a second time the number is pasted into the Smart Component Window. Further pasting happens as usual, until I close and reopen the window using right click. Not sure why it doesn’t paste the first time like it used to? Thanks for trying on such a small bug. Postscript: In my continuing testing to try to figure this out, I just noticed a new button in the bottom middle info panel when a smart component is selected. The button says “Smart”. When I click on this new button the “Smart Component Window” opens and paste works well the first time just like it used to. So my guess is that when you implemented this new button in the bottom info panel, it somehow interferes with number selection and pasting into a variable in the window when going to the window using “right click:Show smart component settings” instead of using the new onscreen “smart” button. I’ll use that button, thanks.

On a completely different topic, for a program that is already amazing, I am constantly amazed at how transformational your improvements continue to be, like the addition of variable fonts, “show variable font preview 3”, major improvements to how to control intermediate and alternate layers that now work for more masters instead of just few, etc. One additional workflow improvement was adding the horizontal slant variable box to the bottom middle variable window, which allows easy viewing and editing of horizontal-slant; this makes this function so much more accessible and usable. Adding the same editing box for vertical-slant would also be useful. Thanks for this great software program.

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