Smart Components and Master compatibility

I worked on a font with two masters and exported it as a GX font. Worked perfectly well! Then, I needed to add a new master for a lighter weight. I set this weight up as an instance, generated the instances and got the lighter weight in a new window. I added this lighter weight as a new master in my main font. Did not see any compatibility errors - no red triangle at the top left corner in any of the glyphs. I now have three masters. I can export the individual instances. So far so good.

However, When I export this as a GX font, i get errors about incompatibility. The problem is caused by smart components that did not have all the ‘smart settings’ in the new weight. When I fix that, the error disappeared - but another error shows up in another glyph! Sometimes it just the order of the components. The issues are not major and the fixes are easy. Just that I see them one at a time when I export!

Questions: Why am I not seeing the incompatibility markers in the Font window after I added the third master? How can I get the full list of glyphs that are incompatible across masters so I can fix them in one go?

The incompatibility only shows up when there is an instance interpolating between the masters. You can force the incompatibility check by adding a custom parameter: Enforce Compatibility Check in the font.

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