Smart Components Compatibility across Masters

I’m having troubles with master compatibility with smart components. Can you help?

I have 2 masters that have the same smart components as the other one, just different values.

For i.e.,
Master 1 : smart component A (Width=100), B (Width=100), C (Width=100),…
Master 2 : smart component A (Width=90), B (Width=90), C (Width=90), …

Is there a way to make these masters be compatible at once? Or am I missing something?
It seems like these components can’t be sorted in order automatically, so that I have to fix compatibility one by one.


There are some tools to make glyphs compatible. Like the “Fix compatibility” filter.

I’m afraid I’m not quite used to plug-ins and extended tools, so… Could you recommend me some?
Fix Compatibility filter does work for a glyph with components, but I need to sort hundreds of glyphs.