Smart components: easy access to the value

As a big fan of Smart components, I would like to propose easy access to change the value.
I turn and turn off Smart components tons of times and every time I need to click the little box to put value in it. It would be nice if the cursor automatically there (maybe the first property), and I just put value in there. It would be super helpful.

You can activate keyboard navigation from System Preferences. That way you can use tab and space to speed up things like that.

Alternatively, you could put anchors with the same name as axis in every layer. Then that anchor becomes your control node, and you do not even need to open Smart Component window.

oh I see.
yes I just need to type “Tab” to get to the value box once the Smart components window pops up.

Using the anchor is not very practical for me. If I want to move around only 1-2 units, and if I want to have same values for several glyphs.

thanks toshi :slight_smile: