Smart dropout control in TT hints

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When running Glyphs-exported TrueType fonts through FontBakery, if manual TT hints are used, I always get the following error:

It does not seem to appear when TTFautohint is used. So, I am wondering: Is there an easy way to add these instructions to a font exported from Glyphs with manual TT hints? Why doesn’t Glyphs do this automatically? Is it even relevant for today’s renderers? Is this something planned for a future release?

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Just realized that this was mentioned in the forum back in 2015: GASP table and other hinting settings Is there any news on this feature yet?

That error is strange. The capability of TrueType instructions are endless and that they require a special setup is tranche as one can easily do the same effect differently. I’ll have another look at this specific instruction to see if it is useful for the instructions generated by Glyphs.

I just tried this and as far as I can see, it doesn’t make a difference in Windows10.