Smart Filters should be Master specific?

I noticed some of them are only for the first master? (this used to be in the description but not anymore?). It would be great if it worked depending on the active master. I.e. Count of Paths, Components, etc.

That would mean that, if you switch between masters, you would lose your glyph selection. In which scenario would you need that?

Why would it lose the glyph selection? Shouldn’t it just filter out what is not longer part of whatever filter is active like when switching between filters now?

Right now I’m going through my master and need to filter for each for things like:

Only Components
Any Components
Only Paths
Any Paths

I can’t use the filters to do this since it is only checking the first master. I can’t think of why I’d need to filter only the first master while looking at another master where the rules may not apply, i.e. I have a “Has Components” rule but in another master it won’t have components — what good is that filter?

It’s useful enough because, in multiple master, the first assumption is that you make things compatible.

In the latest implementation, the “Has XX” checks all masters. The change in name was also a change in functionality.

The problem why the some filters are only checking the first layer (and some the whole glyph) is that the visible glyphs would change if you switch masters (that is what @mekkablue meant by loosing selection).

Then I would use the incompatibility filter.

That’s not a problem for me, like I wrote:

I understand @Tosche’s comment about compatibility, but then I would use the incompatibility filter.

It would be if you use a master-specific filter:

  1. You apply the filter, only some glyphs are shown.
  2. You select some of those.
  3. You switch to another master, other glyphs are shown, therefore the glyph selection is uplifted, and you lose your selection.

I understand, but I don’t understand when I would actually need to look at another master while filtering only the first master…?

I’m working on a file that has separate masters that were worked on at different stages in a different app and I need to sort using the above filters. Right now I have to reshuffle the masters just get them to work.

I see what I can do.

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I think if you will not make the filters masters specific , then they shouldn’t filter every master.

I often need to filter by a specific master if I’m working on a multiple master font (for example, find empty glyphs in one master, or find glyphs with paths in only one master).

If you could change it back to at least work only on the first master it would at least work for this purpose, and I will have to do a workaround where I have to shuffle the master I want to filter to the first position.

Bump again, I keep having to delete other masters to filter for a particular master…

I did have a look are this already :wink:

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I just checked “Has Components” is still checking every single layer, not useful at all to be checking my non-master layers.

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