smartComponentPoleMapping problem

Hi, there.

I wrote a code that makes smart components, but I have a problem with smartComponentPoleMapping function.
Whenever I use it as described in the docs:
layer.smartComponentPoleMapping['crotchDepth'] = 2
it adds ‘crotchDepth’ to the smartComponentPoleMapping dictionary, but it doesn’t change values in ‘Layers’ tab of the glyph’s ‘Show Smart Glyph Settings’ dialog.

When I am manually changing values in ‘Layers’ the dictionary is rewritten and new values are like this:

    "7253589C-2453-4199-B5AD-70E27EA1A208" = 1;


Why doesn’t it work as in the docs? :frowning:
Why I can’t change it via scripting?

Sometimes the python wrapper is not up to date with changes in the internal API. I’ll have a look. In the mean time, you might have a look at how the wrapper accesses the international data and maybe you figure it out yourself.

I can send you sample code. You should be able to pick out the PyObjC methods.

Would be great :slight_smile: