Smarter coding my features

Is there a way to code something like this a little smarter, combining it in one rule?
I’m asking this because of a lot of diacritics in combination with a number of alternates and subsets.

sub [iacute t] racute’ by racute.alt;
sub [iacute t] rcaron’ by rcaron.alt;
sub [iacute t] rcommaaccent’ by rcommaaccent.alt;

sub [iacute t]
    [racute rcaron rcommaaccent]’ 
 by [racute.alt rcaron.alt rcommaaccent.alt];
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Or even more readable

@accents = [racute rcaron rcommaaccent];
@accents.alt = [racute.alt rcaron.alt rcommaaccent.alt];

sub [iacute t] @accents’ by @accents.alt;

Wow, that was what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!