Smooth node is breaking in interpolation

Hi, I stumble on something.
I have a smooth node in 2 masters, but in interpolation the smooth node has the two segments breaking.
See images


How we can fixed that without add an exception layer?

Thank you!

Check out the comments in this thread: Drawing help: Diagonals interpolation

Thank you, it’s hard to keep same distance between masters…
I found ‘Realign BCP’s’ script that help once Exeption layer made.

This is a link. If you do not need a variable font export, you can post process the interpolation with a filter. There are plug-ins for that.

In a variable font, of course, there is no post-interpolation. So there you would need to fix the link in the master drawings already. Either reduce the number of points, or sync the angles or sync the proportions of node distances. See the multiple master tutorials for details.

You meant K ink, didn’t you?